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Singapore is a highly urbanised country with a population density of more than 8000 people per sq km. It is also a major air hub with a small and congested airspace. This presents unique conditions for the implementation of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) systems.

Globally, a large number of electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicles (eVTOL) are being developed and AAM systems are expected to provide safe and scalable commercialisation of flight services. Applications span across cargo delivery, law enforcement and medical rescue solutions, as well as augmenting private and public transport systems.

Join us for this series of 3 webinars to learn about AAM for Singapore. This includes urban planning and infrastructure considerations, and airspace design & management for AAM. Gain an overview of key AAM topics and how they might apply in the Singapore context.

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Session 2: Urban Planning and Infrastructure for Advanced Air Mobility

Date     : 26 November 2020 (Thursday)

Time     : 1600hrs to 1730hrs (UTC +8)


4:00 pm Welcome

Speaker: Mr SIA Kheng Yok

   Chief Executive at Association for Aerospace Industries (Singapore)

4:05 pm Flying Cities

Speaker: Mr Vicente GUALLART

     CEO at Guallart Architects, Founder of Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia

4:20 pm  Systems Design Considerations for the Scalable eVTOL Ground Infrastructure

Speaker: Mr Ilya KHANYKOV

     Executive Advisor at McFly.aero

4:35 pm Accelerating Urban Air Mobility by Establishing a Centre of Excellence

Speaker: Mr Kim SILANDER

     Founder of Independent Business Group

4:50 pm Translating E-Mobility Charging to E-Air-Mobility Needs: An Overview

Speaker: Dr Anshuman TRIPARTHI

     Programme Director, Future Mobility Systems at Energy Research Institute @ NTU

5:05 pm Q&A Session

Moderator: Mr Ilya KHANYKOV

     Executive Advisor at McFly.aero

5:30 pm  End

* AAIS reserves the right to amend the webinar programme/ titles/ speakers, postpone or cancel the webinar due to unforeseen circumstances.


  • Kheng Yok Sia (Chief Executive at Association of Aerospace Industries (Singapore))

    Kheng Yok Sia

    Chief Executive at Association of Aerospace Industries (Singapore)

    Mr Sia is the Chief Executive of the Association of Aerospace Industries (Singapore), a non-profit organization representing the Aerospace and Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) industry in Singapore. The association formed the Singapore UAS Community in 2019, supported by CAAS and Enterprise Singapore. Sia currently serves in an advisory capacity on the CAAS UAS Advisory Panel, Advisory Board of the Aviation Studies Institute, Industry Advisory Panel of the Singapore Institute of Technology, and is a Resource Person with the Centre for Liveable Cities. Before joining the Association, Sia worked at the Singapore Economic Development Board, the lead government agency for planning and executing strategies that shape the future of Singapore’s economy.

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  • Vicente Guallart (CEO and Founder of Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia)

    Vicente Guallart

    CEO and Founder of Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia

    Vicente is an architect from Barcelona who works in the development of projects for ecological cities and buildings across the globe with his company Guallart Architects. He has won numerous international competitions including Housing post-COVID in Xiong’an (2020), or Xianmi hu Master Plan in Shenzhen (2018). He was chief architect of the city of Barcelona (2011-15) leading major transformations in the city, which was named European Capital of Innovation in 2014. He was also founder of the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (2001) from where he currently works in the development of Biocities, from the Valldaura Labs center. He is the author of numerous books, such as “ The Self-Sufficient city”, “Geologics” and “Plans and Projects for Barcelona”.

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  • Ilya Khanykov (Executive Advisor at McFly Aero Infrastructure)

    Ilya Khanykov

    Executive Advisor at McFly Aero Infrastructure

    (Speaker and Session Moderator)
    Ilya Khanykov is the co-founder of McFly, a development company for the eVTOL ground infrastructure, and Bartini, an engineering company for the eVTOL aerial vehicle. Ilya is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor with a corporate finance background. Areas of expertise include innovation leadership, business architecture and investments, IoT and smart-cities.

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  • Kim Silander (Member of the Board at Independent Business Group)

    Kim Silander

    Member of the Board at Independent Business Group

    Kim is the founder of IBG with a background in LFV and EUROCONTROL. He has worked within the aviation sector for over 20 years and has an extensive network within the industry due to his awarded and completed project activities in Europe, Middle East and Asia

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  • Anshuman Tripathi (Program Director, Future Mobility Systems of Energy Research Institute @ NTU, ERI@N)

    Anshuman Tripathi

    Program Director, Future Mobility Systems of Energy Research Institute @ NTU, ERI@N

    Dr. Anshuman Tripathi is Program Director at the Energy Research Institute @ NTU (ERI@N) where his team is developing Autonomous and Electric Vehicle (EV) platforms. Before joining ERI@N, he spent several years in the industry. At General Electric, he formed electrical machine design group for GE transportation and GE healthcare systems. He also worked on wireless power transfer solutions for GE healthcare. In Vestas wind power systems he managed a power converter design group comprising of hardware, software and control teams. This group delivered solutions for all turbine platforms of Vestas.

    His research interests are in the area of grid connection of wind and solar farms, drive train designs for EV and hybrid energy storage for stationary and mobile applications. He has 37 patents, over 75 publications and two start-up companies dealing with energy storage systems and autonomous vehicles design solutions.

    Anshuman holds a PhD from National University of Singapore.

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