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Following the success of our inaugural AAM webinar series last November, we are launching our second series in May 2021 entitled, "Gearing up for AAM". Our focus this time is on hearing what the world is doing and learning what this could mean for Singapore. Join us as we discuss Airworthiness considerations, UTM developments and the AAM Supply Chain.

Session 2 explores UTM developments from an ANSP and ATM/UTM system provider perspective. Ms Elizabeth Chau of NATS will share about progress on UTM in the UK and Mr Frank Erb of Thales will discuss emerging airspace management concepts for AAM.

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Session 2 : Airspace Management for Advanced Air Mobility

Date     : 12 May 2021 (Wednesday)

Time     : 4pm to 5pm (UTC +8)


4:00pm Welcome

Speaker: Mr ONG Jiin Joo, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Garuda Robotics

4:05pm UTM Developments in UK

Speaker: Ms Elizabeth CHAU, Head of UTM Strategic Development at NATS

4:25pm Sharing Airspace with Drones - Emerging Concepts in Airspace Management 

Speaker: Mr Frank ERB, Director, Digital Aviation Market Devt. (Asia Pacific) at Thales

4:45pm  Q & A Session

Moderator: Mr ONG Jiin Joo, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Garuda Robotics

* AAIS reserves the right to amend the webinar programme/ titles/ speakers, postpone or cancel the webinar due to unforeseen circumstances.


  • Jiin Joo Ong (Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Garuda Robotics Pte Ltd)

    Jiin Joo Ong

    Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Garuda Robotics Pte Ltd

    Jiin Joo is the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Garuda Robotics, one of Singapore’s leading Autonomous Drone Systems provider, where he currently leads the Regulatory, Product, and Engineering teams. He’s an outspoken supporter of safe integration of drones into the National Airspace, and is currently helping multiple local governments with drone surveillance, traffic management, and emergency response. He served as the Project Director of FutureFlight Consortium to develop Singapore’s first Connected Urban Airspace Management ecosystem for Unmanned Aircrafts. He has more than 20 years of experience in building distributed systems for government agencies and enterprises. He has a BSc in Computer Science and Economics from Carnegie Mellon University and a MSc in Computer Science from Stanford University.

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  • Elizabeth Chau (Head of UTM Strategic Development at NATS)

    Elizabeth Chau

    Head of UTM Strategic Development at NATS

    Elizabeth joined NATS in April 2020, currently working within NATS UTM Team, where she supports the development of company-wide strategy on the emerging UTM industry. It is NATS’ firm belief and commitment that drones can be integrated safely, seamlessly and effectively with NATS’ air traffic management operations. She is working closely with the UTM industry to enable Beyond Visual Line of sight trials and develop Concepts of Operation.

    Elizabeth started her career with CAAS, which is where her passion for strategic planning was ignited. She has developed her capabilities over the years by taking roles that have innovation at its core and achieves its vision through strategic planning. She was responsible for planning and deploying the State Safety Programme in 2017, making Singapore one of the first countries to meet high international standards - this covered policies and procedures that fully supported and influenced the core regulatory function of CAAS. She has also taken on new challenges by transiting into new areas, where she had to develop new skills and adapt quickly. Applying the fundamentals of safety management towards the emerging UTM industry, she moved into an external-facing industry development role as Senior Manager in the Unmanned Aviation Programme Office. She was responsible for policy development, whilst supporting innovative commercial drone uses through trials. She also implemented a public engagement campaign in 2018 to raise awareness of drone regulations and use; reaching out to the public and 3000 drone enthusiasts and generating international media interests.

    Elizabeth has a Master of Engineering Degree in Aeronautical Engineering, from Imperial College London.

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  • Frank Erb (Director of Digital Aviation Market Development, Asia Pacific at Thales)

    Frank Erb

    Director of Digital Aviation Market Development, Asia Pacific at Thales

    Frank’s career in the aviation industry spans over 2 decades. He brings with him strong business acumen, aviation industry expertise, experience working collaboratively with government officials and key stakeholders. He spent the first 17 years of his career with Thales Air Traffic Management, where he held various technical and management roles internationally before leading the business development in Asia Pacific. He then joined IATA to lead the global ATM consulting business line. In 2012, Frank took up a management position in Dubai to steer Serco Aviation Business’s growth in the Middle East.

    Frank is also the founder of JSI Aviation Consulting – a boutique consulting firm based in Singapore. He is now back with Thales driving the Digital Aviation portfolio with the goal of radically transforming and boosting the value creation for customers (and their customers). This is a New Era in Air Transportation and together we are enabling the Digital Sky of the Future.

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