We believe there is power in being different. Every day, our people express their unique voices and draw from their rich experiences to bring fresh ideas to our company. Promoting gender parity is a top priority in our recruitment efforts. We are also committed to facilitating the progression of women to leadership positions. Aviation and aerospace is historically a male-dominated industry and we are committed to changing that. We welcome people from all backgrounds and strive to increase representation from traditionally underrepresented groups.

In line with the upcoming International Women's Day, we would like to invite all interested students to join our Women in Aviation and Aerospace Talk on 5 March. Two female representatives from Airbus will share their journeys and thoughts in the aerospace and aviation industry. Join us to learn more and to celebrate women's achievements in the disciplines of STEM!


  • Mads Bondergaard (HO International & Region Ops APAC at Airbus, and 2nd Vice President at AAIS)

    Mads Bondergaard

    HO International & Region Ops APAC at Airbus, and 2nd Vice President at AAIS

  • Ivy Tan (Quality Conformance Management at Airbus)

    Ivy Tan

    Quality Conformance Management at Airbus

  • Marie-Amelie Clotteau (Airline Marketing Director, SEA at Airbus)

    Marie-Amelie Clotteau

    Airline Marketing Director, SEA at Airbus